No One Expects An Inquisition

by Illusion of Joy

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released November 8, 2011


all rights reserved



Illusion of Joy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Illusion of Joy is the duo of musicians Seth Warren and Maresa Whitehead based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Influenced by a plethora of alternative 1980s musicians including The Cure, Public Image Ltd. and The Bolshoi, the retro aesthetic of Illusion of Joy is balanced by lyrics that alternate between contemporary and timeless. ... more

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Track Name: Triangle
Lust, call it as it lays
I trust you feel the same way
Desire or a sense of shame
By now it’s one and the same

How you tease and torture me
It’s easy to relate I can not leave the serpent be
We spread our dirty fantasies
I feed you with my guilt and it likewise smothers me

Step right up, step right in
The time I die, is it the time that we’re finished?
Step right up, step right in
The time I die isn’t the time that we’re finished
I long for you

Sing your siren song to me
Shipwrecked, we knew ecstasy
Refrain, no big finish now
Loose tongues and voices so loud

Compose and play inside my head
A song, we three, the band would be so big in bed
You twist a song of different keys
But I’ll puzzle you out as you sing a game of me


We were lonely, you and I, we came about
How the magnetism pull shuffled off doubt
Bitter were the puritans and acrid were their condescending tongues
Bitter were those lonely days but now those lonely days are all long gone

And if we are but a disgrace
Then you can leave a mark upon my pretty face

Track Name: Impact
Are you staring at the precipice, is the wind whipping at your limbs?
Do you fear that you might fall? Does it no longer matter?
Packed your bags, paid the price, you left, you’ve come so very far
Now you stagnate at the edge and dare someone to push you

She tied her heart to a tree like a ribbon saying, “please come home”
The yellow and red bled into another season
She held her hopes out for the whole world to ridicule
Until a letter of regret and an engagement ring

So cry until tomorrow
It’s a piteous sound, such a piteous sound you make
Drown yourself in sorrow
But don’t visit the grave

There is no way out of here
On the radio, loud and clear
The anguished voices of a thousand lost souls crying out in fear
Burning up in the atmosphere
Crash land and disappear
The anguished voices of a thousand lost souls crying out in fear

Steal your time; it’s how they steal your life and the hunt’s on until death
Do you depart from the world? Do you make one final stand here?
Pick a fight, pick a time, pick a place, claw out of this ennui
Though you’re battered through and through, well, I guess the bleeding is a life sign


Cry until tomorrow
It’s a piteous sound, such a piteous sound you make
Drown yourself in sorrow
But don’t dig up the grave

Track Name: What Might Have Been
Take the makeup off your face
Please remove your mask, show the truth underneath
Take your costume, hang it up
There’s no need to prove a thing to the world
Set your flowers on the floor
Withered roses cry to kiss you no more
Stop the music, quell the angst
Take one final bow and exit the stage

“He will love me in the end
He’ll pack up his life, come back again
He can’t just leave me behind
He’ll return to me, the scene of the crime”

It’s over, you can’t pretend
Don’t think about what might have been
We both knew it’d end this way
So let those dreams fade away

Take your clichés, pack them up
All of your little toys, knick-knacks and trifles
Place your hand upon your heart
Open up the door and please show me out

“I will go and visit him
I’ll pack up my life, he’ll let me in
We shall be forevermore
With just him and me, we’ll be so happy”


“How could you leave me behind?
Dove in deep enough to turn the tide
Were not we forevermore?
Love is misery, I’m so unhappy”

Track Name: Vertical
I am moving to Michigan
I have made a new friend there
I’ve packed my bags, said my goodbyes
And I doubt I’ll come ’round here anymore
For the lovers come and go
They all have run dry

So I’ll stand in burdened judgement
I shall bring the gavel down
I can’t afford to waste my time
Being smart is moving forward
I can not be held behind
Yet I don’t want to learn to fly
You will never learn to fly

Pretty faces, pretty movies
A revolving door club house
But this club is quite exclusive
And you never know just when your time is running out
Feel the excitement wax and wane
I should probably be moving on

When did life become so boring?
Why do people disappoint?
Can’t I afford some better highs?
Being smart is being heartless
Pick the fruit and squeeze it dry
Well, you will never learn to fly
Ha! I don’t want to learn to fly

Raise your hands to the dark orange sky
Lay down in the dirty night

Raise your hands!
Track Name: Amnestyville
Four days in Amnestyville
Four days on the wrong side of the conflict
Four days in a box and they’re taking me home

I’ve got a will and I’ve got a way
Got my soapbox and I’ve something to say
That is right, throw my hat in the fight; I’m in it to win it

I won’t give in – yes, I’ve got some nerve
And what you want, we do not deserve
All is fair; shoot the words through the air to counter the barrage


I don’t recall when the field went strange
The pieces moved and the rules were changed
And I’m not sure when everyone else started playing a new game

Now dim the lights in this crowded room
I’ve got my script, my lips start to move
Unify, get so high, reach the sky; strange, this feels like a gang rape

Track Name: Retribution
You’d better watch your ass, kid – you’d better watch your step
The fact that you’re still moving means I’m not through with you yet
A high of paranoia won’t serve you all too well
Despite your efforts, I will drag you with me straight to hell
There’s too many self-absorbed cunts in this town
Too many special snowflakes snorting up entitlement
There’s an awful dearth of self-flagellation
But spoiled children tend to become self-absorbed adults

I’ll get you back
I’ll get you back
You’ll never see it coming
I’ll get you back
I’ll get you back
Somehow, I’ll think of something

The name you read is “Beldam,” the thought simply, “drop dead”
You twitch and writhe, feel sick and despite it you take a step
I hold an air of poison: a choking radius
You don the mask but still you gasp all vertigo and dust
There’s too many adult babies in the play room
They make a mess and think that someone else should clean it up
There’s a huge surplus on pitching a tantrum
Blaming others for your woe is the easiest way out

Track Name: Resolution
I see your blood flow in my dreams
And it is beautiful
I see your skull slowly cave in
And it is beautiful

No doubt that I will be caught
No doubt that I will be caught
It is beautiful

I lay you in a shallow grave
And it is beautiful
Arrange the stones to keep you safe
I make it beautiful

No doubt that I will be caught
No doubt that I will be caught
No doubt that I will be caught
No doubt that I will be caught
Know that it is beautiful
Beautiful…beautiful…beautiful…oh no…
Track Name: Lungless
That is a good plan
That’s where we’ll go
You plot a course there
And I’ll work below

Drowning on the beach
A victim of low tide
Forever within reach
As the pain subsides

We sail the rough seas
We rue the tide
Dawn of misfortune
Morning’s red sky

Short time for writing
Send your regards
Bottles away now
Godspeed to your hearts


Washed up on gold sand
Wet parchment unrolled
Ink and saltwater
No story was told

When our bodies followed
They held not a clue
A group of head shakers
Asking, “well, who are these people?”

That was a good plan
So we set forth
Sailed to the edge and
We fell overboard

There is no writing
We have no names
Intent and ambition
We took to the grave

Track Name: Two Thespians
One scene, now cut
The camera points
A different direction
Curtain, not here
We can still bow
A standing ovation

Once you were the leading man and I the lady at your side
But fortunes change; the silver screen has died

I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again
I wish this pain was killing me
I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again, it’s true
There is a space between me and you

Once seen, now blind
The party is dead
No more champagne wishes
Concrete, worn shoes
An alleyway
At knifepoint and vicious

Time I was the glamour queen and you my one superhero
Will I be found? Will anybody know?

Track Name: Ayn Rand Shrugged
I just want a simple life
God, guns and government
Out so far as to be nonexistent
I’ll take death if not liberty
This is not a cry for anarchy
Because I intend to die wealthy

Hey, supermurderman: raise your cup, it’s a tea party!

Tears of joy when a bridge should fall
A vulgar monument to socialism
Build a boat, learn to swim; boy, it’s time to be self-sufficient
Dog eat dog and I won’t be a bitch
I’ll do it all by myself, I’ll do it all for myself
Because an ego is the one religion


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